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Diary Dates for week beginning 22nd May 2017

MONDAY 2:15-3:15pm Lapwood Lambs Toddler Group
3:00-3:15pm Year 1 Library Session
2:45-3:15pm Reception Class - Stay, Play 'n' Learn
3:15-4:00pm Yr 1-Yr2 Choir Club
TUESDAY 3:15-4:15pm Key Stage 1 - Athletics Club
3:20-4:30pm Year 5 and 6 Cookery Club
WEDNESDAY 2:45-3:15pm Year 4 Reading Session
3:00-3:15pm Year 2 Library Session
3:15-4:15pm Key Stage 2 Athletics Club
THURSDAY 2:45-3:15pm Reception Class Library Session
3:15-4:00pm Running Club
3:15-4:15pm Key Stage 2 Tennis Club
FRIDAY 2:45pm Achievers Assembly
3:15pm Break up for half term

Forward Planning

May 26th Break up for Half Term
June 5th Children Return to school
8th General Election - School Closed
9th Mufti Day - bring a bottle
16th Reception Class Assembly
16th Mufti Day - Crestwood Cups
20th Sports Day at The Dell Stadium
Week beginning 26th Summer Fun Week
July 5th Reports out to Classes from Reception to Year 5
6th Open Evening 4:30 to 7:30pm
7th Year 6 Reports out to parents
13th Key Stage Two Production 7pm
14th Key Stage Two Production 2pm
14th Food Bank Friday!


Some of you will have noticed that we have our bees nest back on the roof outside Year 3. We have taken advice from the LA and their Pest Control department inform us that a) bees are a protected species and nests cannot be destroyed b) due to the height of the nest, there is little or no chance of stings as bees do not usually fly down and their pollen source is the trees opposite Year 3 c) this will happen annually and d) it will last for a couple of weeks only. Please be aware that the nest is occupied but also remember that the bees are far more frightened of you than you are of them.

Forward notice of planned Mufti Days and our next Foodbank Friday

Mufti Days are planned for Friday 9th June and Friday 16th June when children will be allowed to wear their own clothes in exchange for an item as detailed here. Friday 9th June is 'Bring a Bottle' to be used on a bottle tombola. Friday 16th June in return for a Crestwood Cup. More details of both will be sent during the first week of next half term. Both tombola's will be running on Friday 23rd June's Great Get Together - see article below.

We have also tried to give you plenty of notice for our next Foodback Friday Collection. We intend to send a food donation on Friday 14th July and thought you would like advance warning of this. Food donations can be brought into school anytime prior to this date as we are sure we can find a little space for storage. Thanks in advance for your kindness to others.

'The Great Get Together'

Crestwood Park will be joining the Great Get Together on Friday 23rd June when we will be hosting a community event in memory of Jo Cox. The idea is that everyone gets together for a picnic tea on our school field. Bring your blanket and food and get together with others to reiterate that now famous comment from Jo Cox that "We have more in common than that which divides us". More details nearer to the date.

Grand Summer Raffle!

Members of Parent Voice have been out and about, 'asking' local companies for prizes for our Summer Raffle. The prizes they have secured are AMAZING! Tickets will be distributed on the Monday children return after half term. Please look out for details next week.

The Benches Have Arrived!

The focus of our fundraising this year has been to buy picnic benches for the school field. You may have noticed that they are now in situ on the grass and KS2 children are already enjoying the benefits! Thank you so much to all those who supported the discos, film nights, raffles and Breakfast with Santa. Thank you also to our fantastic School Council and Parent Voice who have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes, helping to turn our children's wishes into reality!

Summer Fun Week

We are busy organising all the fun activities for our forthcoming Summer Fun Week. On 27th, 28th and 29th we are looking for anyone who might know where we could loan/hire a bouncy castle from. We have looked at some providers on the internet but the cost is quite high and we are looking to keep costs to a minimum. If you know of anyone who might be able to help, please give details to the office staff who will pass it on.

Shhh there are children about

Can we respectfully remind parents that bad language around children is really not acceptable. It would appear from recent complaints that several parents are - maybe unintentionally - using swear words in general conversation when walking around the school grounds. While it is not for us to tell anyone what to say, we would appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using any bad language on school property. Thank you for your support.

Out door equipment and grounds

An important reminder that for reasons of health and safety, children are not allowed on the outdoor play equipment at the beginning or end of the school day. Staff are not available to supervise at these times and accidents occur in the blink of an eye-whether you are watching them or not.

We have also been requested to ask you that if Grounds Maintenance are not finished grass cutting when you arrive, please give them a wide berth so they can complete their tasks safely. They do try to come on site early and finish before parents arrive but this is not always possible.

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