Welcome to Crestwood Park Primary School!

Crestwood Park Primary School is small family school set on the outskirts of Kingswinford. We are fortunate to have a team of talented teachers and support staff as well as wonderful children and their families. We strive all the time to be the very best we can be and believe that education at its very best is about creating experiences for children that make learning irresistible. From their first days in school we aim to develop their skills of learning in order that they know when to have fun but also when they need to focus.

Being a small school is at the heart of our strength; we know the children and families very well. Our support for families and children in more challenging circumstances was recognised as exemplary by OFSTED. A visitor to school once remarked that this school ‘Smiles on the Inside’ and everyone that visits remarks on the wonderful ’buzz’ or ‘atmosphere’ that simply can’t be put into words. If you want to come and see us, please ring and make an appointment. Come in for just one day when the children are here… you’ll see what we mean!

Maggie Stowe