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Our Parent Voice group is now in its third year. It is there for parents and carers to discuss, ask questions and support the running of the school. Topics on the agendas have included free fruit for KS2 children, improving lighting around the outside of the school building, developing ways of providing parents with a breakdown of costs for school trips, fundraising for picnic benches and organising parent workshops. The group has also held successful Discos and Film nights as well as supporting the Summer Fun Week and Breakfast with Santa! The aim of the group is to do exactly what the name suggests- give parents a voice!

With a growing number of parents involved with the group, we decided that it was a good time to revisit and discuss our 'constitution'. It aims to outline the main purpose of the group, whilst giving flexibility to all members. We are always happy to receive comments on this. If what we do looks like something you would like to be involved with, then please pop in to the school office and talk to Mrs Cooper.

Parent Voice members normally meet every half term. This year, we have moved meetings to 9am as we have found more parents find this convenient. If you want to come along, please feel free- ask Mrs Cooper or the office staff when the next meeting is. If mornings aren't convenient for you, let us know.

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