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Parent Voice

Parent Voice is there for parents and carers to discuss, ask questions and support the running of the school. We have an 'open door' policy and welcome comments and suggestions at any time. Teachers and TA's are always available to speak to on the door at the beginning and end of the day. In addition to this, a member of SLT will be out on the playground at these times. 


Another opportunity to share ideas is through the HSA.

Meetings are held each half term. 

If you want to speak to the HSA, please email 




Your voice matters to us and you can make a difference!

* A wider variety of after-school clubs that were non-sporting *Introduced art and cookery clubs.
* The area around the equipment outside year 3 be improved. * Had new all-purpose grass installed to make the area safer and more attractive.
* We hold a school Talent Show! * Held a talent Show at Crestwood Secondary school in January 2022!
*That school reports show clear attainment and progress of children without an overuse of comment banks. * Streamlined our reports to give parents a clearer idea of how their children were doing.
* That the quality and accessibility of our uniform supplier could be improved. * Now use a local uniform supplier who offer a more personal in-shop service aswell as online delivery/click and collect options.
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