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'Be the best that you can be '

Our Mission Statement - We aim to present a model of a caring establishment where children will learn to value not only themselves, but each other, the environment and the community at large.

  • For all pupils to develop a lively enquiring mind and to have the ability to question and argue rationally, recognising the importance of individual liberty.
  • To listen to, respect and respond to pupil voice.
  • For every child to feel safe and secure within a set of rules in which they have ownership.
  • To acquire knowledge and skills which will help to equip them for adult life.
  • For every child to achieve their full academic potential.
  • To appreciate human achievements and aspirations, to admire excellence in all things and to strive to achieve such excellence.
  • To develop a respect for religious and moral values and a tolerance and understanding of other races, cultures and religions.
  • The development to the full of each and every child as a knowledgeable, skilled, caring and well-adjusted person, is their right - and our duty.

Where talented teachers care for and challenge confident children.

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