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Pastoral Care at Crestwood Park

At Crestwood Park, we believe that in order for our children to achieve their potential, the pastoral care we give is just as important as the academic support. We believe that supporting children's well-being is not just something that will help them thrive during their years with us, but is something that will continue to help them in the years that follow.

As well as supporting children as individuals, we pride ourselves on the support we give our families. We believe that an open and honest relationship with families is key. Of course, life often gives us complications, but we believe that being able to access our staff easily and in the knowledge that they can support children and families in a wide variety of ways is something that reassures our parents during difficult times.

The majority of our staff are training have received Mental Health First Aid Training for Children. We also have a amazing Pastoral Team who have more specialised training in a wide variety of aspects of Mental Health and Well-Being.

Below is the information from our 'Pastoral Team' leaflet. A paper version is also available from the school office.

You can talk to members of our team directly, via the school office, by calling us or by speaking to Mrs Kennedy. If you have any queries or concerns at all, we will do all we can to support you.

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