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Our School Dinners!

Parent Voice and School Council launched our 'Healthy breaktime' Policy in 2016.

What does it mean?

School Council decided that we needed to be much healthier at breaktimes. As a result of their hard work, Governors adopted a policy that says we will only eat fruit, vegetables or toast at breaktimes. All children have a choice of several different fruits or vegetables each breaktime (free) or , for a small charge, they can buy toast from Mandy in the kitchen.

You can view the Policy in the 'Policy and Procedures' section of our website.

Walking the 'mile'

In order to keep fit and healthy, we all have a go at running a mile as part of our daily 'Blast on the Track'! This takes place in classes on our all weather track. The track is also utilised by our after school running club all year round.

Mayor and Mayoress visit

The Mayor and Mayoress of Dudley have visited us in the past to join in with our 'mile walk'. Although the conditions were damp, everyone still managed a smile!

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