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Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We have spent a whole day training for this very important role. We believe that we can support our the children of Crestwood Park to ensure that bullying does not happen in our school. We work closely with the Pastoral Team and have introduced ourselves to each class during our 'tour' of the school.

Each month, we hope to hold an event in school that raises awareness of bullying, reminds the school of who we are and where to find us and encourages others to be 'upstanders' if they are worried about someone else.

September Mini tour of the school- who we are and where to find us!
October Spreading Smiles and writing an article for our new school newspaper
November High Five, Handshake or Hug!
December Compliment Stockings
January Happy Playlist created by Ambassadors playing in School Foyer
February Photo booth
March Screensaver Competition
April Autism Day- Wonder viewing
May A Day in the Life of Crestwood Park (video)
June Anti-Bullying Run
July Recruiting and training new Ambassadors

The link below takes you to the Diana Award site where you can find our more about our role as ambassadors. It also has links and resources for parents and guardians.

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School Life app download
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