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Opening to All Children in September 2020

You will have heard that the Government released guidance to explain how all schools can open safely in September. If you would like to read the guidance yourself, it can be found here

Our decisions for these weeks have been focused on the well-being of our children and the plan should help to reduce any anxiety children might feel about returning. 

We are very aware that many of our children have not been in school for some considerable time now, so in September it will be really important that children come back into classes with teachers and teaching assistants that they are familiar with. 

To support this we have a plan for week 1 (WB 31st August), week 2 (WB 7th September) and week 3 (WB 14th September).

Week 1 

Children start back at school on Thursday 3rd September. For Thursday and Friday of that week, children will come back to their current classes and be with their current staff. The exception to this will be for our current Year 3 class as Miss Johnson may still need to stay at home. Therefore we have planned for Mr Timmington to step in and Miss Johnson to join the class if she is able to.

Week 2

This will be the same arrangement as Week 1, but during this week there will be a 'transition day' where children move to their new classrooms with their new staff for one day. 

Week 3

Children will move on to their new classes with their new staff. Our new Reception chidren will start joining us from this week. 

We are aware that each school will be doing this differently in September, however we believe that the plan we have created is right for our children and families as it gives all our children a very reassuring start to the term where changes can be introduced gradually. 

We must also ensure our plans follow the safety guidance the Government have given us. We are calling the arrangements for the first three weeks 'Plan C'. (see below). 

Part of Plan C is that we will use a window of time to allow parents to socially distance themselves from others when they drop off and collect children. Other arrangements will include staggered breaks and lunchtimes. All timings for these arrangements will be shared via the newsletters. 


If you have any questions or comments about Plan C, please contact school using the details below. 

Our Risk Assessment

The most up-to-date version of the Risk Assessment will always be here for you to read and we will mark any changes in a different colour so they are easy to spot.

Thank you for your support and understanding. If you need to talk to a member of staff, please call school on 01384 818315 (during term time) or email on info@crestwood-p.dudley.sch.uk (This email address will be checked once a week during school holidays so please bear with us if we don't reply immediately.)

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