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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

At Crestwood Park, we embrace the principles of STEM learning. We want our pupils to be independent thinkers, who find answers for themselves. We want them to be curious and ask questions. We want them to make connections between different disciplines and realise that we can work in collaboration to reach a common goal. We want our children to engage in their learning and be inspired by what they do at school to reach their full potential. 

On this page, you will find lots of STEM activities and links that can be done at home to ignite your child's sense of awe and wonder!

All age groups

This website has lots of activites for all age groups about food, healthy eating and making healthy choices. 

What shape of boat will hold the most weight? Use kitchen foil or playdough to test different types of boat. 

What happens to different liquids when you freeze them?

A series of picture postcards to talk you through different investigations.

Starters for STEM offer lots of different activities that can be done at home.

Explore the inside of a mobile phone by building your own.

This link offers a selection of engineering challenges!

What can you build with spaghetti and marshmallows?

NRich has super maths problem solving activities for all age groups. 

Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1

Help the frog, the swan and the butterfly cross the pond to find their babies. Don't cross the lily pads!

Use these resources to discover more about plants around us. 

With Scratch Jnr young children can program their own interactive stories and games. 

Some maths challenges that are most useful to KS1.

Key Stage 2

This resource lets you explore how much space there is in the solar system, using a toilet roll and felt tip pens.

This fact sheet talks you through how to grow using salt and warm water in a jam jar.

These booklets are packed with science experiments that can be done at home.

With Scratch, children can program their own interactive stories and games. 

Design, build and test a way to move tomatoes without squashing them.

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