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12th November 2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

As you will recall, the school has recently been inspected by Ofsted and I am pleased to advise you that the report has now been published.

I am sure you will all agree, retaining a Good rating under a brand-new Inspection Framework; and against a backdrop of a global pandemic, this is a remarkable achievement.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Headteacher, Senior Leaders and all staff, pupils, fellow governors, and families who work tirelessly to create what is great about Crestwood Park. 

We are a good school where “Leaders, including those responsible for governance, want the best for every pupil”, indeed we were commended for helping “pupils to develop their sense of independence and responsibility. This contributes to their pride in the school.”

I feel that we all have shared a sustained determination to continue to build on our successes to strive to provide the very best quality of education that enables every child ‘to be the best they can be’ in “an environment where everyone feels valued.”. This is supported by demand for places at the school having been oversubscribed for the last few years, despite the fall in pupil numbers in the borough.

Inspectors identified areas for further improvement, however, these had already been recognised by the Senior Leadership Team and Governors. It was acknowledged that, whilst we have made significant progress in these areas, there had been insufficient time to deploy changes across all subject areas. We will continue to focus on these priorities:

What does the school need to do to improve further?

  • “Some pupils practise reading using books that are not precisely matched to their phonics ability.”
  • “Curriculum plans are not structured sufficiently well in some subjects”

I’m sure you will all support me in praising the school staff that “work extremely hard to promote the well-being of children and adults”; most notably our Headteacher; Mrs Cooper who has certainly had her fair share of challenges since taking up her new role whilst continuing to provide high levels of service and care during a global pandemic.

I would also like to thank you as parents specifically, who have supported the school to achieve their aspirations.  The inspectors noted; “Crestwood Park is a friendly school, where pupils are cared for well. Parents hold the school in high regard and value its family ethos”.

For a full copy of the report, please see the ‘Ofsted’ section on our website or call into the school office to request paper copy.

Kind Regards

Dean Hubbard

Chair of Governors

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