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Childcare places at school - please complete the short survey below.

As we move into what would have been the beginning of the summer term, we need to find out which of our families will need child care from Monday 20th onwards. 

The Government has asked us to stay open if a parent/carer works for a front line service, if a parent/carer is a key worker, if a child in the family has a dedicated social worker or if a child in the family has an EHCP. At Crestwood Park, we are keen to support ANY family in need, regardless of whether they fit in to one of these categories or not, however can we please respectfully ask that you don't request childcare places if you work from home. We are keen to keep the number of adults and pupils coming in and out of the building to a minimum in order to keep everyone as safe as possible. 

In order to prepare a staffing rota, we ask any family who may feel they would benefit from school support to complete this very short survey as soon as possible

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