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Diary Dates for week beginning 25th June 2018

MONDAY 2:15 - 3:15pm Lapwood Lambs
3:15pm Summer Fun for those booked today
TUESDAY 3:15pm Summer Fun for those booked today
WEDNESDAY 3:15pm Summer Fun for those booked today
THURSDAY Lunchtime KS2 Choir
3:15pm Summer Fun for those booked today
FRIDAY 2:45 - 3:15pm Praise Assembly

Forward Planning

w/b 25th Mon-Thurs Summer Fun Week
4th Reports out to Parents (Rec-Yr5)
5th 4:30 - 7:30pm Open Evening (Doors close at 7:00pm)
12th 7:00pm Key Stage Two Production
13th 2:00pm Key Stage Two Production
13th Foodbank Friday
13th Evening Children's Disco- details to follow shortly
16th Reports out to Year 6
17th 9:15 - 10:15am Year 1 and 2 Fabulous Finish
17th 2:15pm Year 3 and 4 Fabulous Finish
17th 6 - 8pm Year 6 Leavers' Party
19th 9:15am Leavers' Assembly
19th 2:45pm Achiever's Assembly
19th 3:15pm Break up for Summer holidays!
20th All Day INSET Training - school closed to children
4th All Day INSET Training - school closed to children
5th All Day INSET Training - school closed to children
6th 8:55am Children return to school

Summer Fun Week

We do hope that those who wanted to take part in our Summer Fun Week next week have sent forms back and booked their day. Unfortunately, there are no spaces left except for Monday where we have limited space.

Lots of lovely things are planned for next week's shenanigans - we have a bouncy castle, photo booth (with dress up!) and craft room followed by tea provided by the lovely ladies from our school kitchen.

Congratulations to these children who have been recognised for demonstrating our school values...

RESPECTFUL...Saif, Wesley, Regan, Eva, Devon, Declan, Evie D, Shianna, Jacob R, Evie C, Erica, Cailtin B, Ellie- M G, Chloe W, April, Jayden, Leah, Dylan Y and Evie W

We are now on the hunt for children who are especially KIND! If you are not sure what the final 'S' stands for in SPARKS, ask your children!

Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Four specially selected children from Year 5 are about to undertake their second day of Anti-Bullying training. Next week they will also be 'touring' the school to introduce themselves to each class in person! More information about their work, and that of our amazing pastoral team will be appearing in a new 'Well-being' section of our website shortly. (We aim to have this area 'live' in the next week or so.)

Sports Day!

Thank you to everyone who came to support our children at our Sports Day. The weather was kind to us and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all those who helped make the morning so successful: the staff at The Dell Stadium for their support with setting up; Mr Tonks for organising the start line; students from Haybridge High School for supporting the children and staff and Mrs Jones for providing the wheelchairs. Well done everyone!

Running Club

Thursday of this week is the last running club of this academic year. This is to allow the many other activities which are planned for the last few weeks of this Summer term.

Mrs Kennedy has confirmed that it will re-commence in September. Look out for the letter and slip to complete and return if your child wants to take part.

Dudley Primary Athletics Championships 2018

Well done to our wonderful athletes who took part in the Championships on Wednesday. Elly, April, Kiera, Lexie, Ellie-May, Cian, Nic, Luke Jayden, Rhys and Thomas did a brilliant job of representing the school in a variety of events. Thank you to Mrs Kennedy who organised the teams and accompanied the children for the evening.

Nasty Nits

We have become aware that a few children have head lice. There is no shame in finding headlice, however it is shameful to do nothing about it. If you do find eggs or live head lice please take action.

Wash hair and apply a generous amount of conditioner. With a fine toothed comb (which can be bought from most chemists or from us here at school - please pop into the office), carefully comb the hair from scalp to the end of the hair. Look at the comb after each stroke and wipe clean. If you do this thoroughly, it will remove all live lice. If eggs are found they're not as easy to remove with this method, so its advisable to remove by hand. Grasp the shell between the thumb and forefinger and draw it along the hair strand. Unless all eggs are removed more live lice will hatch in approximately 48 hours. This, ideally, needs to be done every day until all eggs have vanished.

Inset Days

A little advance notice that we have 2 INSET dates arranged for 4th and 5th September. As much as we look forward to seeing you for the new academic year, we don't want you to arrive too early!

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