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Welcome to Remote Newsletter Number 3!

Thank you for keeping in touch- we have loved receiving all the emails, photos and drawings. it's great to see that you are all trying to keep busy at home. We know that it can be difficult at times and we can't wait to be all back together, but for now we all need to be patient and follow the guidelines as difficult as it may be! If you need anything at all, you can call school or use the info@crestwood-p.dudley.sch.uk - we will do anything we can to help you in these difficult times.

Keeping our WELLBEING in good shape!

Just to let you know that our mile track is now complete! It's looking great and we can't wait for you to be back to try it out- to run a mile, you will need to do 7 laps. The workmen have also been busy improving the area around the edge of the KS2 playground so there will be a brand new picnic area ready and waiting for you on your return. 

Thank you for all your book reviews, here is one that Mrs Cadman picked out- there are plenty more to read in the new Book Review page in 'Pupil Pages' on the website.

Finley in Year 6 has written a review for The Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

Plot 1- Lyra and Pantalaimon were strolling around the great building of Jordan College but when she passes the hall she sees the master of Jordan pouring poison into Lord Asriel’s drink so she and Pantalaimon hide in the cupboard. When Lord Asriel came into the hall for an assembly with the scholars, Lyra and Pan sprang out and sent the drink flying off the table.

Plot 2- Lyra and Pantalaimon set off on a journey to the north with Miss.Coulter. A few days into their journey, Lyra realised who Miss.Coulter really was… She was a KIDNAPPER so, in the middle of the night, Lyra and Pantalaimon ran away because they both knew that all Miss.Coulter needed them for was to help her capture more children.

Plot 3-Lyra and Pantalaimon travel to Svalbard with Lorek Byrinson and Lorek challenges the bear king, Lofur Rakinson, to a fight for the title of king of the bears. After much bloodshed, the fight was over and the winner was Lorek Byrinson. After this fight, Lyra realises who her parents are, Lord Asriel and Miss.Coulter.

Rating- I would rate this book 5 stars because in most books people just stay in one place but in this book Lyra and her daemon go many, many places and the end of this book starts the next book which is called The Subtle Knife.

TT Rock Star Super Stars!

Keep up the amazing work with your times tables; well done to these children who particularly impressed us this week- certificates are on the way! If you haven't been on TT Rock Stars for a while, get logged on and have a go... it might be your name on this list next week!

  • Finley - Year 6
  • Georgia - Year 5
  • Charlie - Year 4
  • Sophia- Year 3
  • Tiana - Year 2

Respect SPARKS nominations

Thank you for all the nominations. There are clearly lots of you who have impressed each other with your RESPECTFUL manner and attitide. 

We are very pleased to reveal this list of children who will soon be proud owners of their RESPECTFUL Spark badge. 

  • Olivia -Year 6
  • Jonathan- Year 6
  • Jacob- Year 5
  • Jessica- Year 5
  • Darcey- Year 4
  • Kian- Year 4
  • Georgina- Year 3
  • Troy- Year 3
  • Sienna- Year 2
  • Elliot- Year 2
  • Harrison- Year 1
  • Amber- Year 1
  • Haidar- Reception
  • Rosie- Reception

Class Pages & Home Learning

Well done to those who are completing their Purple Mash activity every day- if you are still having problems logging on to this, please call school and we can help you out. Teachers are still busy adding activities and information to the class pages so make sure you take a look at these regularly.

There are more and more home learning resources being created every day. We do not want to put additional pressure on families by saying that children 'must' complete a certain number of activities each day- please do what you think is right for your child and your family situation. We appreciate that families with older children may need to use laptops etc for lessons that secondary schools are setting. If this is the case, or you're struggling to print out resources (we know printer ink is really expensive) or you don't have a computer, we will very happily print resources out for you and either arrange for them to be collected or post them to you. Please don't feel you can't ask!

From next week, all class pages will have a link for White Rose Maths Home Learning. If your children are keen to do some extra maths work, this is definately worth a look.

For more ideas, go to our our website and look in the Home Learning section of the Pupil Pages.

Happy Birthday!

The very best of birthday wishes are sent to all these children who have had their birthday this week or will be celebrating over the weeekend. Happy Birthday to you all!

  • Nathaniel- Reception
  • Dannii- Year 2
  • Taylor- Year 2
  • Isabelle- Year 4

School Newspaper

Mrs Redfern is keen to continue working towards the school newspaper and with exra time at home, she thought it would be a good opportunity to get writing, drawing and creating! Mrs Redfern would welcome any ideas or entries- you can email them to her at sredfern@crestwood-p.dudley.sch.uk

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Redfern or use the info@ email address. We can't wait to see the next edition of Crestwood Park Life!

Keeping Active!

We've had a fantastic amount of videos, photos, emails and drawings showing us your imaginative ways of keeping active and healthy during the Lockdown.

Well done to all these children who have been recognised for their amazng efforts- we were overwhelmed with responses! The best idea for each class for this week's entries will be awarded with a special medal which will come to you in the post! Fingers crossed it could be you!

  • Nathaniel -Reception
  • Xavier- Reception
  • Rosie- Year 1
  • Molly-Year 1
  • Daniel -Year 1
  • Kyle- Year 1
  • Ian- Year 2
  • Dylan-Year 2
  • Elliot-Year 2
  • Daniel- Year 3
  • Daisy- Year 3
  • Eva-Year 3
  • Freya- Year 4
  • Kian- Year 4
  • Blake- Year 4
  • Elliot- Year 4
  • Demi-Leigh- Year 4
  • Thomas-Year 4
  • Ellie-May- Year 4
  • Tilly- Year 5
  • Shianna- Year 5
  • Riley- Year 5
  • Jessica -Year 5
  • Finley- Year 6
  • Jonathan- Year 6

And finally,

Another week has passed and we are again incredibly appreciative of your amazing support. We know that this situation is creating many stresses and strains and really are very proud of the way you are all dealing with this new kind of normal. If there is anything you need, whether it be school related or not, please be reassured that we are here and we will always do what we can to support and protect our treasured children and families.

With much love to you- our brilliant Crestwood Park family. From us all here, we hope you have a peaceful weekend and stay safe everyone. 

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is the responsibility of everyone in our school and at all times we consider what is in our children’s best interests. We work to ensure our children our safe and cared for and by doing this we are protecting their health and development and preventing them from harm.  If we are worried, we will raise concerns, share information and take prompt action with the aim of ensuring families receive the right help at the right time.

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