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Diary Dates for week beginning 30th October 2017

MONDAY 2:15-3:15pm Lapwood Lambs Toddler Group
THURSDAY 12:15pm Choir
12:45pm Homework Club
FRIDAY 2:45pm Achievers Assembly

Forward Planning

20th 3:15pm Break up for half term
30th 8:55am Children return to school
7th Reception - Open Morning
8th Year 1 - Open Morning
9th Year 2 - Open Morning
14th Year 3 - Open Morning
15th Year 4 - Open Morning
17th Year 5 - Class Assembly

No After School Clubs for first week back

Please be aware that there are NO after school clubs the first week back.

Running Club will begin on Thursday 9th and remains the same on Thursdays 3:15-4pm. Letters will be sent out the first week back giving all information on the other clubs on offer after half term. Please look out for these and return them, with your money, as quickly as possible to secure your child's place.

Praise Assembly Texts

On Open Day, several parents asked about the possibility of sending texts for Friday's Praise Assembly, as we do for Achievers Assembly. This will NOT be possible as decisions regarding Praise stickers are made on Friday morning, leaving no time to send out a text.

£1 Coins

As you are probably aware the old £1 coins are ceasing to be legal tender on 15th October. As such we cannot accept them in school after this date. Please ensure that if you are making cash payments to school, that includes coins, only new £1 coins are sent.

Shhh there are children about!

Can we respectfully remind parents that bad language around children is really not acceptable. We have again received complaints that several parents are - maybe unintentionally - using swear words in general conversation when walking around, and near to the school grounds. While it is not for us to tell anyone what to say, we would appreciate it if everyone could refrain from using any bad language on school property.

Can we also request that everyone refrain from smoking at the school gates. This practice leaves a plume of smelly smoke that all others have to walk through to get onto our school site. We would appreciate it if smoking could be done a little distance from the gates. Thank you for your support with these matters.

Egg Boxes required (Larger ones only)

Key Stage 1 are asking for empty egg boxes, but ONLY the larger ones for a dozen eggs. If you have any please send them into class with your child. Thank you.

Plea for old Shirts

If you have any old shirts which you are throwing out or just outgrown can we ask that you send them into school please. Year One are asking for them to wear during painting sessions, to protect their uniform. Thank you.

Plea for old Kitchen equipment

Another plea, this time for any old pots and pans for Reception class. And also old food crates i.e. bread, veg etc. They would like to enhance their mud kitchen and these items would be very much appreciated. All of these add to the fun for our children. Thank you.

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