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Diary Dates for week beginning 20th May 2019

MONDAY 9:30-12:00 Year 5 and 6 Marvellous Middle!
1:30- 3:00 Year 6 at Crestwood for Cluster Event
TUESDAY 3:15pm - 4:15pm Year 1 and 2 After-school Club - Racquets and Bats
WEDNESDAY 3:15pm - 4:15pm KS2 After-school Club - Quick Cricket
FRIDAY 2:45pm Praise Assembly
3:15pm Break-up for Whitsun half-term

Forward Planning

28th 9:00am - 3:00pm Racquets and Bats Fun Day with Mr Barnett
3rd 8:45am Children return to school
5th Year 6 Road Safety Transition Training - details to follow
10th - 14th Year 1 Phonic Check Week
11th Fathers' Day card-making workshop - details to follow
11th Reception New Intake Evening for Parents - details to follow
12th - 14th Year 6 Pioneer Residential
18th Sports Day for all Year Groups - details to follow

Well Being

Just a reminder that Tuesday the 4th June is our official opening of the nurture room. Whilst the main event will happen during the afternoon, any parent is free to drop in after school at 3:15pm to see our beautiful room and of course ask any questions you may have.

Also next week is national " Walk to school week". Children can collect stickers each day of the walk to school week. More infomation can be found at https://www.livingstreets.org.uk/products-and-services/projects/walk-to-school-week.

Our Resident Budgies have been named...

We are delighted to announce that our gorgeous budgie-friends have been named as "Frank" and "Beryl"...F & B have been chirping away quite happily and are regularly visited by the children (and staff) for a chat!

Year 6 SAT's week...

We would we like to say a massive thank you to all children and staff for their hard work, commitment and diligence throughout SAT's week; we know they will have tried their absolute best to be "the best you can be to achieve everything you deserve". Thank to parents/carers for all your support also.

Clever cooks!

As you will be aware, the work has begun on the gas pipe and we hope to be back to normal soon. What you may not be aware of is that our brilliant ladies in the kitchen have been feeding us all without the use of their ovens! They have been working incredibly hard to ensure that service at lunchtime has run without a hitch. And on top of that, they have been providing breakfast for our Year 6's this week too! A huge thankyou to the team- you always do us proud!

School times - beginning and end of the school day...

Please can we remind parents that the school day officially starts at 8:55am and ends at 3:15pm. We open the doors early at 8:45am, which is the time all staff are on duty from and this ten minutes staggers the children arriving at school. Since we began to start the day in this way, it has led to a much calmer beginning to the day. In inclement weather the doors will open at 8:45am as usual as this is the time from when staff are expected to supervise children. However, should a member of staff be in their classroom and have everything prepared to start to the day, so can remain in the classroom, they will of course gladly open the doors in inclement weather slightly before 8:45am. Please can we also remind you that the day ends at 3:15pm. We have a growing number of children that are not collected regularly until after 3:30pm. Whilst we are completely understanding of the occasional emergency which means you are running late to collect your child/children, we will be writing to the parents of children who are regularly collected late, to ask them to make alternative arrangements for collection of their children. We hope this clarifies the situation.


Please remember that SCHOOL WILL BE CLOSED to all pupils on THURSDAY 23RD MAY due to the European Elections, thank-you.

Calling all DJs!

As you may have noticed, we havn't had any discos this year as we have really struggled to find a DJ who would be available, not too expensive and have a DBS certificate. We have pencilled in a date in July, so if anyone knows of someone who might be interested in DJ-ing for us in July, please ask them to call us! Thank you. We also have a Plan B if we cannot find a DJ!


Thankyou to everyone who has brought in used batteries. Our tubs are filling up fast and our first collection has been booked! Our Pastoral team have been considering other ways we can recycle and they are looking into having a clothing recycling 'bank'. They have looked at several charities who offer this service, but they would like to know if there are any local charities that we could support. If you know of any local groups who can make use of 'recycled' clothes, please let us know.

Proposals for a Mile Walk track...

Thank you to all parents who have responded to the questionnaire/survey regarding the installation of an all weather pathway on our school grounds. Your responses overwhelmingly supported this proposal. Therefore, we are now in the process of obtaining quotes and are looking forward to giving the 'go ahead' fairly soon!

Two of our year 6 sporting ambassadors visited Bromley Hills school at the end of last week to view their track and agreed that if we could install a similar one at Crestwood Park, it would be great!

Curtis said, "If we have a track, we would like one similar to theirs in an oval shape that goes around our whole field."

Lexie commented, "The track was amazing and really nice!".

Mary Stevens Hospice - Summerfest Event...

On behalf of Mary Stevens Hospice, we would like to draw to your attention to their upcoming Summerfest Event which will be taking place at Himley Hall on Sunday 16th June...leaflets will be distrubited shortly providing further details for this incredibly important and exciting fundraising event. 

MyClothing - online Uniform provider update...

MyClothing are now on facebook, your school-approved provider for all your child's embroidered uniform needs ahead of the new term www.facebook.com/myclothingltd.

Consideration for local residents and children.

When dropping or collecting your children, could we please request that you consider the local residents as we have received a complaint about the noise levels including loud music from cars, especially in the mornings - we appreciate the nice weather means having windows open be but would just ask that we are all respectful to our neighbours, thank-you. Also we have had a few parents let us know that others at the beginning and end of the day, are using inappropriate languge. Can we politley remind you that there are 'young ears' around and ask you to refrain from using such language whilst you are on school premises. Thank you.

Delayed Achievers' Certificates

As we have had an unusually short half term Mrs Stowe has decided to delay the Achiever's assembly until the first week back, on Friday 7th June. 

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