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Welcome to our 6th Remote Newsletter!

Another week has gone by and once again we want to thank you for your support, patience and understanding. After hearing the latest news and Government guidance, we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory; we absolutely cannot wait for our school to re-open and have our classrooms bustling with children! However, concern for the safety of our children, their families and our staff means that we need to be extremly cautious in taking steps forward. 

On Monday we will be asking parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 whether they will be sending their children into school in June, once we have the go-ahead from the Government and the LA. (We know some other schools have done this already, but we have deliberately waited until after the weekend, just in case futher guidance is announced!) Once we get confirmation from these parents, we will know the numbers of children we will have in school after June 1st and can plan to look after them safely. If you have a child in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6, please look out for this survey; it is vitally important that we have this information from you so that we can make plans. 

We will of course continue to offer places to children of Key Workers (where there is no other alternative at all, to keep children at home) and to those with EHCPs and social workers. However, as we have said right from the begining of the lockdown, we are very happy to talk to any parent who feels we might be able to support in any way

Keeping Your WELLBEING in Good Shape!

Well done to all of you who have been saying thank you to the NHS and Key Workers on a Thursday evening!

And just in case you missed the film that Miss Guest put together for us... here it is again!

A Poetic Challenge!

You will remember that back in February we had a fantastic Music Day and Craig, one of our parents, came in and helped us write and perform a whole school song. Well Craig has had his thinking cap on again and has set you a challenge! Watch the film below to find out more!

So, if you are up for the challenge then start researching some Black Country facts and brush up on your best Black Country dialect! When you are happy with your poem, send it into us either by photo or video and we will share them on the newsletter next week.

Class Pages & Home Learning

Lots of you have now picked up the latest 'TTS' paper packs from school. Teachers are also continuing to set daily activities on Purple Mash and there are always new activites being added to class pages.

After half term there will be a new paper 'Home Learning Pack' available and as before, we will very happily print these off so you can pick them up. If you would struggle to get here, just give us a call and we can arrange something. If you need anything printed off from the website, again just give us a call. 

As we have said before, please don't feel pressured to complete all the work that is set. Something to keep the brain cells ticking will be fine! If children can complete their Purple Mash activity and get some reading done, that would be great. Of course we would be very happy if children can do more than this!

Thankyou to Daisy and Eva for their super interpretations of 'The Piano' which we featured in last week's assembly.

This week's Book Review

Here's this week's book review by Daniel in Year 1.

I've read 'Famous people, famous lives: Guy Fawkes'
You should read this story because it has lots of cartoons and you can learn all about the Gunpowder Plot.


Mrs Cadman has also written a review. She has reviewed the Hodgeheg by Dick King-Smith and has written...

...'The Hodgeheg is an excellent book for anyone who likes animals and adventures.  Max the hedgehog is determined to visit the park, but with a busy road ahead of him – will he ever get there?  Read this book to find out whether Max and his family have their adventure.'

You can read more reviews in the Pupil Pages of our website. Don't forget to send in your reviews to Mrs Cadman when you've read your next book!

And this week's poem chosen by Mrs Cadman...

The Secret Song

Who saw the petals

Drop from the rose?

I, said the spider,

But nobody knows.


Who saw the sunset

Flash on a bird?

I, said the fish,

But nobody heard.


Who saw the fog

Come over the sea

I, said the sea pigeon,

Only me.


Who saw the first

Green light of the sun?

I, said the night owl,

The only one.


Who saw the moss

Creep over the stone?

I, said the grey fox,

All alone.


By Margaret Wise Brown

TT Rock Star Super Stars!

Keep up the super work with your times tables; well done to these children who are doing well on the leader board- certificates are on the way! If you haven't been on TT Rock Stars for a while, get logged on and have a go... you never know, it might be your name on this list next week!

  • Jake- Year 6
  • Hope - Year 5
  • Charlie A- Year 4
  • Molly H- Year 3

Happy Birthday!

The very best of birthday wishes are sent to all these children who have had their birthday this week or will be celebrating over the weekend. Happy Birthday to you all!

  • Harvey-Year 1
  • Blake- Year 5
  • Lexi-Mai- Year 6

Keeping Active!

Thank you to all those who have entered ideas for 'Keeping Active' this week. Remember to look out for Mr Barnett's weekly challenge on the 'Learning from Home' page too!

Well done to these children who have been determined to keep active- medals will be on the way!

  • Daniel- Year 1
  • Elliot- Year 2
  • Daisy - Year 3
  • Harper-Year 3
  • Alfie- Year 4
  • Ellie-May - Year 4

Golden Certificates and 'Kind' Sparks

As we near the end of the half term, we are thinking more about our next SPARKS. This half term we have been focusing on 'Kind'. If you would like to nominate someone for this award, then email us or call before Thursday next week. 

Teachers are also thinking about this half term's Golden Certificates. As we have been closed, they will be looking to award children who have tried their best to carry on learning whilst they've been at home. Winners will be announced in next week's newsletter. 

And finally,

Thankyou once again for all the support you have shown this week- we really do appreciate your kind messages and words of encouragement. We hope you are keeping safe and well- we know that , like us here, you will have good days and 'not so good' days and the ups and downs of home schooling will be a challenge for most! Please remember that we are still here for you- although we only have a handful of children in the building, you are all still our Crestwood Park family and we want to do everything we can to ensure you are dong OK. 

So if you need anything at all, please remember that we have large ears (great for listening), thick skin (we can take most things thrown at us) and big hearts! 

Sending best wishes and we hope you all have a safe and peaceful weekend.

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is the responsibility of everyone in our school and at all times we consider what is in our children’s best interests. We work to ensure our children our safe and cared for and by doing this we are protecting their health and development and preventing them from harm.  If we are worried, we will raise concerns, share information and take prompt action with the aim of ensuring families receive the right help at the right time.

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