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Diary Dates for week beginning 15th May 2017

MONDAY 2:15-3:15pm Lapwood Lambs Toddler Group
3:00-3:15pm Year 1 Library Session
2:45-3:15pm Reception Class - Stay, Play 'n' Learn
3:15-4:00pm Yr 1-Yr2 Choir Club
TUESDAY 3:15-4:15pm Key Stage 1 - Athletics Club
3:20-4:30pm Year 5 and 6 Cookery Club
WEDNESDAY 2:45-3:15pm Year 4 Reading Session
3:00-3:15pm Year 2 Library Session
3:15-4:15pm Key Stage 2 Athletics Club
3:15-4:30pm Year 1 and 2 Cookery Club
THURSDAY 2:45-3:15pm Reception Class Library Session
3:15-4:00pm Running Club
3:15-4:15pm Key Stage 2 Tennis Club
FRIDAY 2:45pm Year 1 Class Assembly

Forward Planning

May 19th Year 1 Class Assembly
26th Break up for Half Term
June 5th Children Return to school
8th General Election - School Closed
16th Reception Class Assembly
20th Sports Day at The Dell Stadium
Week beginning 26th Summer Fun Week

Survival of Year 6

Our brilliant Year 6 pupils survived SATs week with a smile on their faces and their sanity (and ours) intact! Well done one and all. We did not wish them 'Good Luck' in last week's newsletter because they didn't need it - we know they are all superstars!

You can all now look forward to your residential visit to Pioneer Centre and enjoy all the exciting things you will do there.

Letters for Mike Wood MP

On Friday last week, four of our school councillors took an envelope full of letters that they have written, down to MP Mike Wood's office in Wordsley. The children are hoping that Mr Wood will have some ideas on how to help us with paying for our break time fruit and veg. We will keep you updated on any developments!

Sports Day at The Dell

Next Friday, letters will be sent home giving full details of our proposed Sports Day activities at The Dell Stadium on Tuesday 20th June. Please make sure, that if you are not given a letter, all available bags, boxes and pockets are frisked so that you don't miss out on this important event.

Fidget Spinners

Please do not bring these into school. While we are aware of the therapeutic properties of these items, we are concerned about these small items getting lost (or stolen) which can cause great distress. This is a polite request at the present but we do know of several Dudley schools who have already had to 'blanket ban' fidget spinners for just these reasons.

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