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Diary Dates for week beginning 5th March 2018

MONDAY 2:15 - 3:15pm Lapwood Lambs
TUESDAY 3:15 - 4:15pm KS1 Gymnastics
WEDNESDAY 3:15 - 4:15pm Cancelled - KS2 Gymnastics
3:15pm Girls Team Football Match
THURSDAY 3:15 - 4:00pm Running Club
3:15 - 4:15pm KS2 Multi Sports
FRIDAY 2.30pm Mothers Day Service

Forward Planning

7th 3:15pm Girls Team Football Match
9th 2:30pm Mothers Day Service
21st 3:15pm Girls Team Football Match
23rd Foodbank Friday
26th 2:00pm Year 3 and 4 Fabulous Finish
27th 2:30pm Year 5 and 6 Fabulous Finish
28th Reports out
29th 9:10am Easter Service followed by Easter Egg Raffle
29th 2:15pm Achievers Assembly followed by Easter Bonnet Parade
29th 3:15pm Break up for Easter.
16th 8:55am Children Return
24th 9:00am Year 6 Open Morning
26th 9:00am Year 5 Open Morning

Girls Team Football Match

We are hosting the Girl's team football match on Wednesday 7th which is why we have had to cancel Key Stage 2 Gymnastics Club on that evening. As it is a home match we welcome supporters to cheer along our team. Obviously we expect supporters to act in a courteous (Crestwood Park) manner.

Easter Egg Donations

A quick reminder about our Easter Egg raffle. When you're shopping, could you please put an extra Easter Egg in your basket for our raffle which will take place on Thursday 29th. The more we have, the more children will win a prize. Perhaps you could keep an eye out at the supermarkets for any BOGOF offers! Raffle tickets will be on sale during the last couple of weeks of this term. Thank you in advance for your support it is really appreciated.

Foodbank Friday

Foodbank Friday is being held on 23rd March. As with previous collections we would welcome your donations. Please send these in to class anytime from next week.

Mothers Day Service

Our Mothers Day Service is being held on Friday 9th March and we would like to remind visitors that younger children are not allowed. The hall gets very warm and this can cause toddlers and babies to get very hot and bothered making them fidgety and noisy. This, in turn, distracts our children who try very hard to concentrate. Please arrange childcare if you have toddlers and intend to come along.

Teachers2Parents Text Message Service

You will all know that currently we subscribe to the texting service Teachers2Parents. In May our subscription runs out and we will not be renewing this. It has become increasingly expensive and costs our school a considerable amount each year. However our website has the ability, through the School Life App, to be able to send push notifications which will appear on your phone in the form of a text, and tells you that there is new information for you. The App can be downloaded for free on to your phone. We currently send out push notifications when our weekly newsletter is published, so if you receive these you are all set up!

The cost of the push message system is already included in the subscription we pay for our website, so will help us to reduce our bills by more than just a little!

Easter at Crestwood Park

Everyone will be welcome to join us on Thursday 29th March for our Easter Service which will take place at 9:15am and is led by our Year 6 children. This will be followed by the draw of our Grand Easter Egg Raffle.

At 2:15pm on the 29th we have our Achievement Assembly. This will be immediately followed by Crestwood Park's Easter Bonnet Parade, every child who models their bonnet will be rewarded with a Cadbury's Cream Egg (if Mrs Orme hasn't eaten them all!). As younger siblings will not be at this assembly, under fives can model their bonnet at Lapwood Lambs. Please check their facebook page for more details nearer the date.

Old £10 Notes

As you are probably aware the old style £10 notes went out of circulation on 1st March. Please do not send any in to school (i.e. for lunches, trips or donations) after this date as we are unable to accept them. Thank you for your co-operation, much appreciated.

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