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Special Educational Needs

At Crestwood Park we passionately believe in the importance of inclusion and equality for all children. We strive to ensure that these values are at the heart of our SEND practices. All children should have high but attainable targets to encourage them to become independent learners. Each individual learning style is respected and we provide expert support and resources for children with SEND to enable them to achieve their full potential allowing them to be happy and enjoy themselves whilst learning and making progress.

We believe in an open door policy where parental and pupil involvement is essential for key decision making as well as planning and reviewing progress; we know that parents are the first educators of their child and that we need their knowledge and co-operation to plan effectively.

We know that the earlier we identify SEND and provide support, the more successful our children will be. Our starting point is to guarantee a whole school approach to providing for the needs of children with SEND. In other words, we make sure that all staff have the knowledge and skills to support all children, including those with SEND, throughout our School. Once particular needs and barriers to learning have been identified for each child, the SENCo, in liaison with the class teacher, decides upon the appropriate provision.




 The documents below illustrate how we respond to children's individual needs, ensuring all children are 'the best that they can be, to achieve all that they deserve'.

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator is Miss Alicia Johnson. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your child with her, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

Parents and carers can find information on the Local Authority 'Local Offer' by following the link below or via the Dudley Council Website .

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