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Living with COVID in 2022!

From September 2021, school has been able to resume many of the usual practices we use in order to give our children the best educational experience possible as well as allowing them the freedom to meet and play with children in other classes. However, we still need to be prepared to deal with positive cases in school, or any concerning rise in COVID cases in our local area. The documents below demonstrate what we would do if we needed to 'step our measures up'. The section below also gives some answers to questions you may have about the way school will operate.

If you are worried about any of our processes or procedures or have any further questions, the best things to do is call the school office (01384 818315) or email us at info@crestwood-p.dudley.sch.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Our Risk Assessment

Our Risk Assessment is regularly updated and the latest version is supported by our Outbreak Management Plan. 

Our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Thank you for your support and understanding. If you need to talk to a member of staff, please call school on 01384 818315 (during term time) or email on info@crestwood-p.dudley.sch.uk (This email address will be checked once a week during school holidays so please bear with us if we don't reply immediately.)

Questions you may have...

Q. Do parents still need to wear masks on the playground when dropping off and picking up?

A. No you don't need to wear a mask unless you'd prefer to. Please remember that drop off is anytime from 8:40am but children MUST be in school by 9am. Pick-up is at 3:15pm for everyone.  


Q. Will children still be in their class 'bubbles'?

A. No, as guidance changed to allow children to mix. However should Public Health advise otherwise then we will reinstate 'Bubbles' immediately.


Q. Will children still need to keep to certain areas at playtime?

Q. Children are outside on the playground in staggered breaktimes. However, as guidance changed, we now allow the children to mix outside.


Q. Will children still be washing hands in school?

A. Yes, children will still wash their hands regularly, especially before eating.


Q. How will classrooms be kept clean?

A. Frequently touched surfaces will still be cleaned twice during the school day as well as the usual cleaning from our site team every morning. Rooms will continue to be well-ventilated. There will still be a lidded bin in every room for used tissues.


Q. Will staff still wear visors/masks?

A. Staff will wear visors/ masks when speaking to visitors and parents. Staff will still wear PPE when they are dealing with poorly children (where appropriate). 


Q. Will staff still do LFTs?

A. All school staff will be encouraged to test at least twice a week. 


Q. Will my child need to stay at home if I test positive?

A. No, children don't need to self isolate now, neither do adults who are fully vaccinated. However we will ask for your child to do a LFT test every morning and providing it is negative they can come into school. If positive then they must isolate and follow the new guidance detailed further below.


Q. Will 'Remote Learning' still be in place if my child tests positive?

A. Yes, if your child is well enough, we will still expect them to complete work set- full details can be found here.


Q. Will our children be able to go to assemblies with other year groups and will there be assemblies for parents to attend too?

A. Yes, children now attend whole school assemblies in the school hall. The whole school ABC assembly will take place however parents can only attend by invite via the school life app. 


New Guidance from 11th Jan 2022

Some general points to note:

  • If your Lateral Flow Test result is negative. You do not need to isolate even if you live with someone in your household who has tested LFT positive.
  • If you live with someone who tests positive on a LFT, then they need to isolate immediately. Then, providing they have no symptoms, on day 6 and 7 they should do a LFT 24 hours apart. If both are negative then they are out of isolation on day 7. If they still have symptoms they must isolate up until day 10.
  • Similarly if your child tests positive on a LFT they should isolate immediately and, as above, providing they have no symptoms, do a LFT on day 6 and 7 and only if they are both negative (must be taken 24 hours apart) can they return to school on day 7. If they still have symptoms they must isolate up until day 10.
  • There is no need to take a PCR test if your LFT is positive.
  • If you or a child cannot take a LFT for any reason then the full 10 day isolation should be observed.
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